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Massachusetts dairy farmers work hard every day to bring you great tasting, wholesome milk and other dairy products. The majority of family operated dairy farms in Massachusetts are wholesale milk producers. Massachusetts dairy farmers pool their milk with other dairy farmers from across the Bay State. Fresh milk from over 150 Massachusetts dairy farms is picked up on a daily basis and delivered to a local dairy processor. The dairy processor then pasteurizes bottles and delivers the milk to a grocery store near you! Milk sold at retail stores is a regional product which means dairy farmers from across New England contribute to the milk we drink here in Massachusetts and vice versa. Some Massachusetts dairy farms are opened to the public and have year round farm stores where you can find milk that is processed on the farm, farmstead cheese and ice cream. Learn more here!

Muscle routinely breaks down after exercise, which is why active people need to supply their bodies with the right kind of protein to help their muscles recover fully. Milk contains certain proteins, like casein and whey... Read more about all the dairy health benefits »