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Massachusetts dairy farmers and milk processors are committed to providing you and your family with fresh, high quality milk and dairy products. This commitment to quality starts on the farm with top-notch animal care and extends across the supply chain -- from the milk tanker trucks to the processing plant to the grocery store -- to ensure that the dairy foods you enjoy each day are as wholesome and pure as nature intended.

There is a lot of common sense behind cow care  – give them a clean place to live, fresh food and water to eat and drink along with plenty of TLC, and they will thrive. It’s on the farm where quality milk gets its start. Farmers understand the importance of keeping their cows healthy and comfortable, their dairy farms clean, while conserving the natural resources they use.

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Cow Care

A cow’s health is of the utmost importance to dairy farmers, because dairy cows must be well cared-for in order to produce high quality, wholesome milk.